Housing New Canadians
Research Working Group - Toronto
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Research Team


J. David Hulchanski, PhD, Social Work, University of Toronto

Robert A. Murdie, PhD, Geography, York University


Ken Dion, PhD, Psychology, University of Toronto

Sylvia Novac, PhD, Centre for Urban and Community Studies,
University of Toronto

Carlos Teixeira, PhD, Geography, Okanagan University College



Interviewers: Maedean Brown, Patrick Edwards, Erica Lawson, Delores Walters and Gail Williams.

Tracey Lloyd and Heather Williams were particularly helpful with the initial research design, the organization of the four focus groups with Jamaican newcomers, and the initial stage of the data collection. The Jamaican Canadian Association and Tropicana Community Services hosted two of the focus groups. The final phase of the data collection was completed due to the particular dedication and persistence of Heather Gordon and Delores Walters.


Interviewers: Peter Skeris, PhD (co-ordinator), Yolanda Korwin and Monika Curyk.

Special thanks to Wisia Gaszynski, Executive Director, Polish Immigrant and Community Services of Toronto for her advice and assistance, for hosting the focus groups, and for the help provided by the staff of her organization. The persistence and dedication to details by Peter Skeris helped make the complex data collection process very efficient. Peter Skeris and Ludka Sakowicz are two of the original Steering Committee members who helped with the original design of the project and the development of the questionnaire.


Interviewers: Mohamed Farah (co-ordinator), Marian Khalaf and Zahra Nur.

Special thanks to Rashid Hersi, Scarborough Housing Help Centre, for his advice and assistance from the very start of the project (one of the original members of the Steering Committee), the development of the questionnaire, and with the data collection process. Mohamed Farah successfully and efficiently co-ordinated the process of sample selection and interviews among Somali newcomers.


Interviewers: Lissette Ruiz, Noemi Donan, Sara Gonzales, Sonja Munoz, Manuel Minero, Ricardo Quadra, and Maritza Lopez.

Lissette Ruiz helped us organize the initial focus group and provided simultaneous translation. She also translated consent forms into Spanish, contributed to the development of the questionnaire, and conducted participant outreach and recruiting during the early stage of data collection.

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